More reasons why the corporate world is not for me; and why being an entrepreneur is.

Yesterday I read another amazing blog post at Prolific Living. Farnoosh Brock is the owner, writer and all-round star of Prolific Living and I just love reading her work.

Anyway, I’m reading this article and I’m like OMG, this woman hasn’t even met me yet and she’s writing about me. That is exactly how it felt! Her article was titled Top 8 Mistakes of my Corporate Career and How to Avoid Them.


Reality check hit me like a ton of bricks. I was so naïve when I went to work for my last place of employment. I totally believed in the general good of people and that if you worked hard, you would eventually reap the rewards. I thought HR were there to act on your behalf with management! Ha! Was I wrong or what? Finding out that this just wasn’t the case was heart-breaking. It left me angry and frustrated. I felt used and cheated and very, VERY undervalued.

To be honest, when I first joined the company, they were pretty good. I did get an increase in wages after the first year, and when my second husband passed away, well the support and care that I received was wonderful.

Then, things changed. The company got a new CEO and our branch got a new Manager. The whole culture of the company changed.  It started with a whole of company restructure, during which we lost a lot of very good people, and it was never the same again. After seven years in their employ, I was still in the same position and after the arrival of the new CEO and the restructure, my wages remained the same for the four years until I left.

The culture and the focus of the company had changed and I found all the things that Farnoosh talks about, the whole 8, were now a part of how this company operated. While I was learning these things at the time, no one has quite put it into words the way Farnoosh has.

Please, click on this link and read her article. Everyone needs to know this stuff if they work for a corporation or are thinking about joining one. It’s important to go in with your eyes open. Leave Farnoosh a comment, then please, come back and tell me what you think. I really want your feedback.


  1. I drop by to grab a bio for you, dear Brenda, so that I can add it to our meetup page and I am so pleasantly surprised to hear you talk about my favorite topic AND give me so much credit. SO so happy that you are no longer in corporate! And so SO happy that I will be meeting you in person! :) Thank you for this beautiful tribute and for this writing that came from your heart, I can tell.

    • Dearest Farnoosh, You know I am a huge fan of yours, and that article really hit home for me. It was very difficult learning those lessons at the time because they went against the grain of who I am as a person. I’m so excited about our meet up in January and to be meeting you in person also! I will email you about the bio :)

  2. Ah, good old corporate life. It certainly sucks the life out of you if you aren’t careful.

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